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Our 2015 ARTtober festival is in preparation. We are interested in all kinds of artistic exhibitions to register and post information about on this website. You can register your event for 2015 on the registration page, and write us a brief description of the event and upload some photos to post with your information.



This will be open till the end of September and we are glad to announce that Lightning Ridge Arts and Crafts Council is now onboard to integrate their Spring Festival with the ARTtober Festival.


ARTtober Festival information can also be obtained from the Lightning Ridge Visitors Information Centre and the Lightning Ridge Arts and Craft Centre.


Dates to remember


26th - 27th of September: Weekend prior to the festival.

Robyn Taylor will hold a seminar on Acrylic Painting

@ Lightning Ridge Arts & Crafts - $20 p.p. for the weekend


1st of October: Spring Exhibition Opening

and prize presentations. 6:30 pm @ Lightning Ridge Arts & Crafts. $10 p.p.


3rd - 4th of October:

Free day of Art for children and parents.

@ Lightning Ridge Arts & Crafts


9th - 13th of October:

Silversmith Workshop. $80 pp Maximum 10 persons.

@ Lightning Ridge Arts & Crafts


15th - 18th of October:

Polymer Clay Workshop $50 pp Maximum 10 persons.

@ Lightning Ridge Arts & Crafts


For bookings ring Lightning Ridge Arts & Crafts Council on 0477 810 642 or drop in and add your name to the booking list @:


The Lightning Ridge Arts & Crafts Council, 51a Pandora Street, Lightning Ridge.

Next door to the library.



Below are links to sites which encourage events in the Arts and the ARTtober Festival in Western NSW.

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